Werewolf Short 'End of the Road' Packs a Big Bite

We don't do much with short films around here simply because we are pretty lazy. But every once in a while someone will come to us, ask very nicely ("pleases" and "thank you's" go a long way), and stroke our egos a bit, forcing us to buckle down and do some actual work. That someone (or someone's) in this case are the good folks and our new good friends at Unmanned Media. They contacted us about taking a look at their werewolf themed short film 'End of the Road.' They were nice and we've been on a bit of a werewolf kick around the vast DW offices so we figured "Why the hell not?"

'End of the Road' is the short film you show your parents when they tell you that you need to be nicer to people. Essentially, a small town waitress shows a little kindness to a drifter who turns out to be a lot more than he seems. She invites him back to the diner where she works for a hot meal and then, as the kids say, all hell breaks loose.

The short has a sense of humor that's balanced out by its growing sense of dread, and when shit starts to go down - it really goes down. Writer/Director J. Spencer wastes no time getting to the good stuff - lots of killing. I know what you are thinking " What about the monster?" And you would be right, a terrible looking monster is what dooms a lot of werewolf films. Well have no fear, although hindered by the simple limitations of the short film format, the wolf in 'End of the Road' is more than adequate.

But the best thing that 'End of the Road' has going for it? Daniel Van Thomas. Long time fans of the site will recall the steamy love affair I had with the film Revolution Trail (review HERE) and it's star Daniel Van Thomas. Along with co-star Tatum Langton ("Greys Anatomy), Thomas brings the same spot on gruff intensity to his role as the drifter that he did to his character in Revolution Trail.

Unmanned Media is currently in pre-production on their latest venture, the "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll fueled zombie/werewolf hybrid Bad Meat. Until then check out 'End of the Road' and support indie horror.

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