'Zombie With A Shotgun' Wants To Blow You Away

It's not too often that we bring you tow awesome Kickstarter campaigns in successive days, but this happens to be a very special occasion. After months of anticipation, an awesome web series, and a bevy of tremendous artwork, writer/director Hilton Ariel Ruiz finally opened the KickStarter campaign for his upcoming film Zombie With A Shotgun. Below you will find the poster for the film a, a brief synopsis, and episode 1 of the "Zombie With  Shotgun" web series. After indulging us here at the DW please head over to the films KickStarter page and drop this weeks paycheck helping support indie horror.

"The story follows Aaron, who isn't sure if he's infected with the zombie virus or some other infection. He takes this journey with his girlfriend Rachel and his shotgun where they both find out the deep secrets among the zombie virus and their love life."

Zombie with a Shotgun ~ Episode: 1 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

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