Tricia Lee's 'Silent Retreat' Now Available in Canada

It seems like we've been chronicling Canadian director Tricia Lee's film, Silent Retreat (Review HERE) forever. So long in fact that we've seen and reviewed and entirely different film called Silent Retreat (review HERE) in the meantime. Well, nomenclature bullshit aside, we liked Lee's Silent Retreat much more than the other one. So it's pretty exciting that we can finally tell you that if you live in the great white north, the land of Rush and hockey, good old Canada, that you can noe see Lee's Silent Retreat on iTunes!

"When Janey Andrews (Chelsea Jenish) is sent to a silent mediation retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation, she's forced to follow a strict set of rules. No talking. Not eye contact. No interaction of any kind. The doctor (Robert Nolan) who runs the facility doesn't accept failure, but when Janey teams up with a fellow inmate Alexis (Sophia Banzhaf) they realize he is hiding a terrible secret. If Janey breaks the rules, she'll have to face the punishment and discover what lurks behind the trees."

As mentioned above, Tricia Lee's Silent Retreat is now available on iTunes in Canada HERE. The film is also available on DVD from Black Fawn Distribution (available HERE). If, like us, you live in the good old USA you can get the film in all the usual places like iTunes, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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