Help Turn 'Dogged' From Acclaimed Short to Awesome Feature

The first time the short film Dogged popped up on our radar here at the DW we were perusing our twitter feed and saw some remarkable artwork pop up. We clicked through and were engrossed by what we saw. We totally meant to write an article beckoning you help support the project. Then we got lazy, as were wont to do. Luckily for us (and for you) Richard Rountree, the brains behind the project, must have sensed our noble intentions and our laziness, so he took it upon himself to send us the info in the Kickstarter campaign, giving us the proper kick in the pants to write the article. So without further adieu here's the ridiculously cool poster, the synopsis, some stills, and some other juicy tidbits about Dogged.

"Sam is stuck in limbo in the remote English village where he grew up - his parents disappointment, coupled with his own lack of direction lead him to seek excitement in forbidden places. As Sam (Sam Saunders) searches for a purpose, he and his girlfriend Rachel (Aiysha Jebali) are the unwitting victims of a peeping tom, and their lives unravel in a depraved spiral of paranoia. Sam discovers that their must be a link between the community leaders he's grown to trust and a series of terrifying encounters with bizarre masked maniacs. When Rachel dispersal, and Sams worst fears become a reality, he discovers a sinister cult who will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo of their environment, and keep their identity a secret..."

You can help turn Dogged into a full length motion picture by heading over to the films KickStarter page, digging deep into your lint filled pockets and forking over a bit of your hard earned cash. In return, not only do you get the satisfaction of helping artists create, but some awesome rewards as well. Seriously...check it out and help Dogged out there's less that two weeks left!

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