Help KickStart 'Bridal Fever'

Here at the DW we are always looking to help indie filmmakers as much as we can. There are a plethora, a myriad if you will of larger, "mainstream" horror sites where you can catch all the latest info on the Friday the 13th reboot or whatever BlumHouse is releasing next month. In that vein we want to bring you some info on the KickStarter campaign for the Scottish film Bridal Fever. Directed by first time director Hayley Tinline, Bridal Fever only has a few days left to hit its goal, so dig deep and pledge the mortgage money to help make Bridal Fever a reality. We promise your spouse won't mind. Check out the lengthy synopsis, a concept poster, and some other goodies that I lazily cut and paste from the press release below.

"The film...tells the story of Lisa, a troubled young woman plagued by cruel memories of a monstrous childhood. Now married, Lisa thinks she's finally escaped the seething rage that's trapped within her...until the moment she witnesses the love of her life cheating with a naive teenage girl. This is a mistake that husband Stuart may literally pay for with his life."

Bridal Fever stars alternative model Nicolette McKeown as the titular bloodthirsty bride and Craig MacLaughlan as her cheating, doomed husband. Says director Tinline of the film: "'Folk have really rallied around the project. I'm very lucky to have so many talented people working to make this low-budget indie something special. I can't wait to get this twisted nightmare of a story onto the screen!' Head over to the KickStarter page for Bridal Fever HERE, and if pledging the mortgage isn't enough, throw in the car payment too, you can always walk to work and lets be honest, you can stand to lose a few pounds. 

Director Hayley Tinline
Nicolette McKeown is The Bride
Craig MacLaughlan is The Husband

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