All Hell Is About to Break Loose in 'Asmodexia'

From out good friends at Sharp Teeth Films comes the religious horror film Asmodexia. The Spanish film, described as drawing from films like The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby, is set hit DVD in the UK just in time for Easter this March the 28th. Directed by Marc Carrate from a screenplay by Carrate and Mike Hostench, the film stars Luis Marco, Claudia Parns and Irene Montala. Check out the synopsis, poster, and stills for the film below.

"An aging priest and his granddaughter Alba roam the darkest corners of Spain as travelling exorcists, violently exorcising children, mental patients and drug addicts of of a malevolent infestation. They pass through desolate, sun-bleached landscapes and long-abandoned buildings ridding the afflicted of this unholy epidemic while counting down the days to a mysterious resurrection.

Pursued by a shadowy cult with a sinister agenda, the duo discover that a mystery from Alba's past may hold the key to salvation...or pen the door to unspeakable evil."

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