Straight From Sweden Comes 'Hermit: Monster Killer'

I'm Norwegian (well, half Norwegian anyway) and from what my grandmother used to tell me, god rest her soul, we are suppose to hate the damn Swedes. But after watching the extended trailer for the forthcoming Swedish monster film Hermit: Monster Killer, I'm beginning to thing that old Lil was a bit off her rocker because the trailer is pretty damn awesome.

From the producer of Cannibal Fog and Precision and director Ola Paulakiski, Hermit: Monster Killer is the being dubbed the first Swedish monster film since 1959. Which kind of begs the question: What the hell Sweden? One monster movie ever sixty years? This one, made in the spirit of the great Roger Corman comes fresh off a huge response at "Weekend of Hell" last year. Watch the trailer below and check out some of the cool lobby cards for the film below. Then head over to and learn more about the film.

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