Evil Has An Hour To Kill in The First '6:66PM' Pics

6:66 PM, the latest co-production between Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films, has just finished shooting and the production was kind enough to share some pics from the film. Directed by and starring Jim Klock (Massacre on Aisle 12) and also starring Autumn Federici (Circle), 6:66 PM blends horror and comedy. Check out the synopsis, some words from the director, and some shots from the film.

"6:66 PM proves evil has an hour to kill as a reality TV crew's stages investigation into the paranormal becomes frighteningly real. When the house they're exploring turns out to be really haunted by the ghost of a serial killer, each crew member fights to stay alive and more importantly make their reality show a hit at any cost."

Says star and director Klock "The horror-comedy genre works well when you trust that the circumstances and the characters are funny enough, all you have to do as a director/actor is embrace the ridiculousness of it all."

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