Cary Elwes Top Lines 'A Haunting In Cawdor'

The legendary Cary Elwes is set to make his much anticipated return to the horror genre in Phil Wurtzel's A Haunting In Cawdor. Elwes, famous for his role in the horror series Saw as well as playing Detective Nick Ruskin/Cassanova in the underrated Kiss the Girls, plays Lawrence O'Neil the purveyor of a dilapidated summer stock theater. The film which comes to us from our good friends at Uncork'd Entertainment is set to his theaters and DVD on March the 11th also stars Michael Welch (Twilight) and Shelby Young ("American Horror Story"). Check out the synopsis, trailer, and some stills from the film below.

"Vivian Miller (Young) is a young twenties woman who's serving out her jail sentence at a work release program in the Midwest. Her 90 days probation take her to the Cawdor Barn Theater, a dilapidated summer stock theater run by Lawrence O'Neil (Elwes). Lawrence, a failed Broadway director, is now reduced to staging amateur productions with young parolees and raging over mistakes from his past. Vivian's arrive in Cawdor starts a terrifying series of events that bring Lawrence's past to he present. After Vivian views an old taped stage production of Macbeth a force of evil is unleashed that soon turns its sights on her. With the help of Roddy (Welch), a local outcast, Vivian sets out trying to discover who the supernatural killer on on the tape is before she becomes the next victim."

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