The DreadWorld Top 8 Horror Films of 2015

2015 - you cursed wretch. We've been doing the whole DreadWorld thing in earnest since 2012, and let me tell you 2015 was by far the busiest and most exciting; especially when it cam to new releases and films to review. But it wasn't just a few high profile releases that set the horror world ablaze, what really stood out this year was the shear depth of quality horror that was released over the last twelve months. So before we get started I just want to give a great big THANK YOU to all the film makers out there who keep plugging away and producing awesome horror films every year. If you happen to be one such film maker and would like us to to take a look at your latest opus, please click on the little "Contact Us" button and reach out. We would love to take a look at whatever you are working on. We can;t promise it will be in a timely manner (or like it) but we will definitely check out whatever you would like us to.

One more caveat before we begin the list proper. Like every year, there are film we just could not get to. We think we did a better job this year than in years past, hence the deluge of reviews over the last couple of weeks and the fact that this will be published sometime early in the second week of January 2016. That being said the two glaring omissions fro our viewing this year seem to be What We Do In The Shadows and We Are Still Here. Unfortunately, father time caught up with us. But sit tight I'm sure we will get to reviewing those films sometime early in 2016. Okay...with that housekeeping bullshit done...may I proudly present The DreadWorld Top 8 Horror Films of 2015:

Honorable Mentions:
Treehouse (Review HERE), Kristy (Review HERE), Last Shift (Review HERE), Avenged (Review HERE)

8. Survivors

Stark and haunting, Survivors, the micro budget British zombie thriller, accomplishes more with its character development in 90 minutes than "The Walking Dead" has done in 5+ seasons. Adam J. Spinks film should be used as a blue print for how to execute an effective zombie horror film on a micro budget. Check out our full review HERE.

7. Bone Tomahawk

For a borderline mainstream film with a pretty bankable recognizable star in Kurt Russell to fly under the radar is pa pretty big accomplishment. But I don;t think anyone in the horror community knew what to expect when they sat down to watch the debut film from S. Craig Zahler. Certainly more western than horror, which is why it isn't higher on this list, the last act of Bone Tomahawk is one of most horrific things released this year. Check out our full review HERE.

6. Creep

I mentioned the term "micro budget" when talking about Survivors above, and that term certainly applies here as well. Mark Duplass has always had a bit of a creep factor to him - even on "The League" when he's being funny. Here he embraces it 100 percent and creates one of the most memorable villains (?) of the year. If you like the simple interplay between two actors at the top of their game, you must check out Creep. You can check out our full review (HERE)

5. Let Us Prey

Actors at the top of their game, it's a theme that you will see as you peruse through the entire DW Top 8 and the Irish horror film Let Us Prey is no exception. Driven by magnificent performances from "Game of Thrones" Liam Cunningham and The Womans Pollyanna McIntosh, Let Us Prey is right in the wheelhouse for those who love religious/apocalyptic horror a la The Prophecy. Add in some of the best gore effects this side of KNB and Let Us Prey is a winner. Check out our full review HERE.

4. Almost Mercy

File this one under the "Deborah Logan" file. In other words it's a film that literally came out of nowhere and wasn't on our radar at all. In fact it was just a frustrated Netflix random pick. But what a pick it was. Driven by an an absolutely radiant performance from star Danielle Guldin, Almost Mercy is a bit preachy at times, but nothing the film does wrong can tarnish what the film does right. With one foot in John Waters and the other in Wes Craven, Almost Mercy may not take itself too seriously for some, but we found the humor and violence a perfect concoction for a great horror film. Check out our full review HERE.

3. It Follows

Here is the big buzzed about horror film f the year. Like last years The Babadook, It Follows came from relative obscurity to conquer not only the box office but STD discussions around the country. A jarring film going experience, director David Robert Mitchell pulls out his entire bag of trick to insure that the viewer is never, ever, comfortable. While there may not be enough gore a high enough body count for some, most will succumb to the terror that Mitchell has created and take a few extra looks over their shoulder from now on. Check out our full review HERE

2. Deathgasm

Easily the most fun you would have had watching a horror film this past year. Deathgasm and Kiwi director Jason Lei Howden are the clear heir apparent to Sir Peter Jacksons legacy of schlock. Those that love those pre-Hollywood Jackson films like Bad Taste and Dead Alive will absolutely love Deathgasm. Backed with a self deprecating sense of humor and a killer soundtrack the film is sure to have you laughing just as much as cringing. Check out our full review HERE.

1. Spring

It says it right on the poster, Spring is Lovecraft meets Richard Linklaters "Sunset" trilogy. Never before has a description been so accurate. Spring is at it's heart a desperate love story infused with terrible Lovecraftian supernatural elements. Writers/Directors Aaron Morehead and Justin Benson have crafted a film that will not only tear at your heart strings but will rip your guts out while doing so. Again the film is elevated by great performances from Lou Taylor Pucci and (fairly) newcomer Nadia Hilker. here's a horror film you can share with both your guy friends and your girlfriend. Check out our full review HERE.

There you have it. Twelve months (an a couple of weeks) in the making, the official DreadWorld Top 8 Horror Films of 2015 is complete. Now it's your turn. What are your favorite horror films of the past year? What did we miss or whiff on and why? Let us know in the comments below. 

That's it for me. As always, thanks for reading and "Enjoy every sandwich."

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