Stephen Tramontana Talks 'Killer Pinata' On Poop Culture

We never, ever, cover podcasts here on the DW....and never, ever, we mean maybe we've stolen a little bit of news from The Movie Crypt or Killer POV over the years. But when The Boobie Brothers and Mancrush, purveyors of the most excellent Poop Culture podcast and good friends of DreadWorld (and by good friends, I mean may I have vomited all over Derek Boobies bathroom once or twice in my younger years) dip their toes in to the world of horror, whatever they do becomes newsworthy. This week on the Poop Culture, after spending 15 minutes discussing Randy Boobies, well, boobies, the guys welcomed seasoned horror director Stephen Tramontana to the pod cast.

Tramontana's recently completed his latest film Killer Pinata. The film will (hopefully) soon be available for the general viewing populous. Tramontana covers Killer Pinata, some of his past work, his experiences casting in Chicago, working for the legendary Charles Band, as well as his rather pubic dust up with the purveyor of limitless "n" words, Quentin Tarantino. Take a listen:

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