DreadWorld Review: 'OMG,,,We're In A Horror Movie' (2014/16)

Breaking the fourth wall is a term often used when actors turn to the camera and address the audience or bring them in on the joke. It's the technique Zack Morris used to catch us all up on his issues at Bayside, or more famously perfected bu Mel Brooks in any number of films over the years. As the general audience became smarter, the fourth wall became more of an arbitrary term and was replaced, in essence, by the term "meta." Since the genius of Scream, we have become an extremely "meta" movie going public. We know the cliches, we know the beats of films, in many cases we know exactly what's coming. In many ways Brooks and Scream are the perfect introductions to Ajala Bandele's ridiculously titled OMG...We're In A Horror Movie, because it's a film that doesn't just break the fourth wall and dabble in "meta," it breaks it down, moves in, and starts barbecuing.

The insanity all starts with a friendly game of Settlers of Catan (Settlers to the already initiated), already making it the greatest film ever made. When a mystery third dice (die?...look it up yourselves) enters the game making the roll 6-6-6, all hell, as they say, breaks loose. Suddenly perceiving themselves trapped in a live horror film, the players begin to assess their odds of survival based on the various well known cliched horror film stereotypes and start jockeying for positions. When the killing starts however, everyone is forced to reassess their own particular survival trajectories.

Like most horror comedies, OMG... (I'm not typing that whole title out) is light on the actual horror. While its basic frame work is that of your typical slasher film, the horror elements exist simply as a conduit to the next joke. OMG... livess much more in the Scary Movie universe than that of the first Scream film. If that's not you're bag, then you might want to bail now.

For those of you that have decided to stick around, lets get to the good stuff. OMG... is funny. At times it's brilliant. While it plays in a sandbox we've all become rather familiar with, it does so with such love and reverence for the genre that the familiarity feels more like that favorite old pair of shoes rather than an exercise in repetitiveness.

OMG... does fall into one of the typical horror/comedy cliches, especially during the second act, Often horror/comedies will devolve into a "set piece/sketch" "set piece/sketch" pattern, where the narrative becomes secondary to whatever wacky set up the film makers can imagine. While OMG... falls into this pattern during the second act, it manages to pull itself out just in time for an uproarious final twenty minutes of the film.

Co-writer/director/producer/caterer/driver Ajale Bandele crafts a damn funny comedy that just happens to take place in the horror world. It's a film that pokes fun at the genre we all love without being dismissive or contemptible. As fans we tend to be overprotective of the genre we love so much. With OMG... it's clear Bandele is also a fan and his film comes from a very altruistic place.

OMG...We're In A Horror Movie (once more for old times sake) is a funny film that's heavy on the laughs an light on the horror, but it works because the film obviously comes from a place of love for the genre rather than contempt for it. It will be right at home next to your Scary Movie collection or your blu-ray of Tucker And Dale Versus Evil.

**** stars out of *****

That's it for me. As always, thanks for reading and "enjoy every sandwich."

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