DreadWorld Review: 'Deathgasm' (2015)

We continue playing catch up with another truncated (sort of) review for another much buzzed about horror film that we missed here at the DW in 2015. Deathgasm (which annoys the hell out of my spell check) comes to us via New Zealand, the home of Sir Peter Jackson, "Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghen, the excellent film Housebound (review HERE), and sheep...lots of sheep. Only one of those things listed has any real bearing on Deathgasm (hint: It's not the sheep). So lets turn this review up to 11 and rock the fuck out with Deathgasm.

Brodie's mother is a bit of a fuck-up. And by fuck up, I mean she's arrested for trying to suck off guys in public. As a consequence of his mothers institutionalization, Brodie is forced to movie in with his uncle and his white bread, Jesus freak family. His new neighborhood isn't much better, it's like something Joe Dante would dream up on his worst day. Brodie immediately has trouble assimilating into his new community. See he is into metal, and not what you mom considers metal, stuff like Bon Jovi or Def Leppard. No, Brodie is into black metal. It's they type of music you only hear about when someone burns down a church in Norway. Brodie meets a kindred spirit in Zakk and they do what all metal heads are wont to do, they start a band. The band comes to possess a certain black hymn that, if played will awaken the dark forces of hell. Of course they play it without understanding the repercussions of their actions. That's when, as the kids say, all hell breaks loose.

If the plot of Deathgasm sounds familiar that's because it is. It's essentially the same plot as Rob Zombies The Lords of Salem (Review HERE) or Trick or Treat, not the outstanding Mike Dougherty Halloween film, but the terrible mid 80's heavy metal based tepid horror flick starring Skippy from Family Ties and probably a dozen other horror films. But the familiarity doesn't matter here because Deathgasm is light years better than any of those films.

Written and directed by Jason Lei Howden, who made his bones working for the afore mentioned Jacksons own Weta Workshop, Deathgasm owes much to Jacksons early schlock horror films. Jacksons films like Bad Taste and Dead Alive (Braindead to those of you not in the US) clearly laid the blue print for Howden, allowing him to take those influences and move them into the new millennium. It's an influence that the film wears proudly and literally on its sleeve, one of the main characters sports a Bad Taste tee shirt throughout the film.

If you are a fan of those films, or films like Evil Dead, films that spare none of the splatter and gore and are funny at the same time Deathgasm will be right in your wheelhouse. It's by far the most fun you will have had watching a horror film in a very long time. Deathgasm is funny, gory, ridiculous and sensitive all at the same time...and it has a pretty kick ass soundtrack to boot, even if you are not into the blackest metal. So turn Deathgasm up loud and "have a good time...all the time."

**** 3/4 stars out of *****

That's if for me. As always: Thanks for Reading and "Enjoy every sandwich."

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