'The Chosen' is Now Available on Netflix

The Chosen, the debut feature for both Terror Films and director Ben Jehoshua is now available for streaming on Netflix. The supernatural thriller is also set to hit RedBox on December the 15th for those of you who don't have access to the NetFlix. The film, co-distributed by Terror and Supergravity pictures, has remained int he top 100 horror films on iTunes for the last 8 weeks. Check out the trailer, synopsis, some stills, and a few words from first time director Jehoshua regarding the conception of The Chosen:

"Cameron a 19 year old (Kian Lawley) is a directionless 19 year old destined to never leave his hometown. He is thrust into the role of hero when his 10 year old niece, Angie (Mykayla Sohn), becomes possessed by the mythical demon Lilith. With only six days to break the demons grip on the child, Cameron, with the help of his sister (Angela Chitwood), must perform the unthinkable task of killing his family members." He must do this in order to rid his niece of the demon and bring peace to his fractured household."

Ben Jehoshua stated “the story behind The Chosen was sparked when I was sitting at breakfast with my friend and co-writer, Barry Jay Stich. We were talking about our favorite horror films of all time, which led to the topic of our families and how often you hear people say, ‘I’d do anything for my family.’ But then I asked myself, would they really? That was our starting point. My brother Judah, who is an occult fan, suggested the Lilith story line. We’re Jewish and wanted to explore our own mythology rather than Christian possession or the Greek themes that so often make their way into Horror films dealing with possession.” 

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