Peter Herro's 'WTF!' Releases its First Bloody Trailer

A couple of months ago we gave you a first look at the poster for co-writer/director Peter Herro's latest directorial effort simply titled WTF! Today we can follow up that news with this latest, bloody, tidbit - the first trailer (probably NSFW) from the film. Check it out below along with the poster we originally brought you and a couple of production stills.

"Three years ago, twenty-two year old girl-next-door Rachael (Callie Ott) barely survived a brutal massacre that left her friends in pieces. Time has passed, and Rachael has moved on, but unfortunately time has a way of repeating itself. Her close friends are spending spring break in a secluded house in the woods, and they have cordially invited her to join. Little does she realize another bloodbath will be showing up as plus one. Once Rachael and her friends arrive at the cabin, the partying, sex, and the terror begins."

Shot in and around Los Angeles this past summer, Peter Herro's WTF! is slated to be released in 2016.

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