Hudson Horror Show 12 Announces Line Up!

If you've been a long time reader of this site, first of all thank you, and second of all, you probably know that we've been long time supporters of the Hudson Horror Show. The east coasts premiere 35mm Horror Festival is set to unleash it's 12th installment on December 12th of this year. 12/12 for the 12th installment of the festival...isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together. Check out the poster for the festival, along with the line-up and purchasing details:

Hudson Horror Show 12 Line Up
  1. Stunt Rock - "Directed by Brian Trenchard Smith and starring Stunt Man Grant Page and cult heavy metal rockers Sorcery. Your brain will absolutely melt when you witness the carnage and the cacophony of Stunt Rock!
  2. Demonoid: Messenger of Death - "Starring the greatest eyebrows in cinematic history (owned by Stuart Whitman) the folks at Vinegar Syndrome will be presenting the latest acquisition to their film library, the Mexican horror movie mash up Demonoid: Messenger of Death."
  3. Mystery Movie - The Hudson Horror Festival's infamous "mystery movie!"
  4. Friday the 13th: Part II - "Presented by Jordan Garren of B Movie Film Vault. It's Jason Voorhees debut as an unstopping killing machine."
  5. Halloween II - "Far gorier than it's predecessor, Halloween II also features one of the best looking casts ever.
  6. The Warriors - If those films weren't enough, Hudson Horror Show brings it all home with the classic action packed urban assault film. 

Hudson Horror Show 12 is still located at The Silver Cinemas/South Hills 8 in good old Poughkeepsie, NY, but this go round they've added a second screen! Both screens will feature the same programs, although the films will show in a different order. One screen is already sold out and the other one is selling fast, so time is truly of the essence. Tickets are only 33 dollars of you purchase them in advance and 38 dollars if you purchase them on the day of the event. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

The film festival isn't the only thing happening that day though. There will be vendors selling toys, t-shirts, posters, and all sorts of other cool horror related merchandise. Tickets are NOT needed to stop by and visit the various vendors. 

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