What's In Your Horror Movie Survival Kit?

So with a quick turn of the calendar it's suddenly October and we all know what that means? Time to start the official countdown to Halloween. "8 more days 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. 8 more days 'til Halloween - Silver Shamrock." Now that that is stuck in your head, you're welcome, and let's move on. The good folks over at Man Crates have tasked both myself and you, the avid reader, with designing the Ultimate Horror Movie Survival Kit.

Wait? Man Crates? Has DW become some sort of corporate product shill? Well in short - no. But in a much longer answer: shut up. Man Crates offers a selection of man themed crates that range from grilling, to to drinking to zombies. Seriously. Check them out!. Any company that's down with Max Brooks "Zombie Survival Guide" is okay with us. Plus, most of the crates are sealed wood boxes that you have to open with a crowbar. A crowbar...it doesn't get any better than a Zombie Survival crate that you have to open with a crowbar. That is unless it's the our own DreadWorld Horror Movie Survival Kit.

1. A Weapon

Let's face it, no matter what type of terrible thing may be stalking and trying to kill you, at a certain point you are going to need to fight back, and frankly your fists are probably not going to be very effective. Whether it's some sort of firearm or something with a blade, eventually you are going to need a weapon to defend yourself or to take it too the bad guy (or girl - we're not sexist here at the DW). 

2. A Working Cell Phone

Cheating? Perhaps. But when all that evil stuff starts going down, it might be a good idea to have a way to reach out for help. Added bonus? When you are cowering in a closet waiting for Jason or Michael Myers to inevitably bust in and attack, you could pass the time catching up on DreadWorlds latest posts and tweets! Or you can order a Man Crate while you wait!

3. Cannon Fodder

Any good horror fan knows that in a good horror film - someone has to die. In fact, the more deaths the merrier. A horror film without a copious amount of death is a romantic comedy - and the only people who want to die during a romantic comedy are the people watching. So you are going to need people to die - whether they are nameless/faceless masses or those people who you called friends until the plague/machete/demon from hell separated them from their mortal souls. In a horror film the death f others is a good thing.

4. Comfortable Shoes

It's a horror film - you are going to run. Whether it's for help or from mortal danger, there will be a time you will need to make a break for it, best have something comfortable on your feet for the harrowing journey. 

5. Dried Meats

You're going to have to eat, and while dried meats aren't necessarily my favorite, they probably have the longest shelf life of any meat products out there. Now you have to be careful not to OD on dried meats (the last time I threw up that wasn't alcohol assisted was spurred on by a copious amount of Slim Jims), but said dried meats are probably better for you than carrying around a back pack full of double cheeseburgers, 

6. My iPod

Specifically my personal iPod - fully charged, because any horror film I'm trapped in is going to have a "killer" soundtrack." Plus, if I don't survive and if am going to get slaughtered, or eaten, or turned into vampire I want to have a random featuring Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Wednesday 13 while it's all going down. 

There we go, the six things we at DreadWorld would stock our Man Crates with if we wanted to survive a horror film. Now that you know what our Man Crate would look like, it's time for you to tell us about yours! Leave your picks n the comments section below.

Thanks to the good folks from Man Crates for the inspiration. Head over to their site and pick up a Man Crate for Halloween or for whatever gift giving holiday you may celebrate in December.

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