The DreadWorld Top 8 Scariest Songs of All Time

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Halloween again. Around these parts it's a celebrated occasion where we finally have a legitimate excuse to go all crazy and shit. While you would expect the purveyors of a horror website to be excited about the impending holiday, Halloween seems to be the only time of year the Kardashian obsessed general public gives a shit about horror. For example, Yahoo, who for 11 months of the year treats horror like the plague, recently released a quick interview with Alice Cooper where he talks about the "Scariest Songs of All Time." Under normal circumstances I would link the article, but it's such a load of self effacing garbage that Cooper himself even seemed embarrassed by it at a certain point. It's certainly a shit article, but it did get our tiny brains spinning over here at the DW. What are our favorite scary songs of all time? So we complied a list, "borrowed" some YouTube clips and the result is what you are about to read...have fun:

The DreadWorld Top 8 Scariest Songs of All Time

8.Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Keepers

While this 1962 novelty hit by Bobby "Boris" Pickett certainly won't send anyone running and screaming in terror, it's campy and fun. There's certainly nothing wrong with using the old Universal Monsters to create the latest dance craze. I just wish we were treated to the "Jason Jive" in the 80's. 

7. Thriller - Michael Jackson

While Monster Mash may have served as a gateway to the Universal Monsters for a certain generation of folks in the 60's. The title track from Michael Jacksons 1983 mega album did the same thing to youngsters , this author included, in the 80's. The song itself may be hokey (so is "Monster Mash") the video that accompanied it directed by John Landis with effects by Rick Baker is terrifying. Then Vincent Price shows up. Enough said.

6. Psycho Killer - The Talking Heads

The Talking Heads aren't a band you normally consider when thinking of "scary songs" and while the song itself is rather innocuous, it's the lyrics here that set your nerves on edge. A first person narrative of a serial killer, and how that killers mind works was certainly something different from a new wave band. Different and creepy as fuck. P.S. the YouTube clip above isn't the album's even better!

5. N.I.B. - Black Sabbath

Sabbath are the grandfathers of the "scary song." They embraced the darkness, the unknown, and yes, even, say it with me....SATAN! While the Rolling Stones had "Sympathy For the Devil" this Sabbath song acts as a virtual recruitment song for the Prince of Darkness. From Geezers bass teaser at the beginning to Ozzys slightly off key bellowing during the bridge. There is little about this song that is not scary. 

4. Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer

I am not a big Slayer guy. I guess you can hold my feet to the fire for that, but of the big 4 they are a distant 4th. However, if asked to rank my favorite albums by the big 4, Slayers 'Seasons in the Abyss' would be right near the top and nothing captures the frenetic masochism of the album than the title track. Other tracks on the album and certainly in the Slayer catalog are certainly more visceral and graphic, but this song seems to work at a much deeper level than, say "Dead Skin Mask."

3. Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon

I may not be a huge Slayer fan, but I am a huge Warren Zevon fan. While that name may not be the first to pop into most horror fans minds when thinking of creepy artists, I say look a little deeper. "Werewolves of London," "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner," and this song are all great examples of painting horrific images with words rather than music. It's the Last House on the Left of horror songs. It has a happy jingle jangle melody coupled with some of the most fucked up lyrics ever. What a dichotomy! 

2. House of 1000 Corpses - Rob Zombie

A little bit of cheating as this is essentially a post script to Zombies feature film debut of the same name. While the film is sort of all over the place tonally, the song is right on point. Creepy music, disturbing lyrics, it's Zombie at his peak of dirty horror. 

1. Black Sabbath - Type O Negative

Sure the Black Sabbath version of this song is a classic. But this version form the early 90's tribute album N.I.B. (which is awesome by the way) is far more scary if that is possible. Peter Steele invokes his old Carnivore days in his delivery literally sounding as if he was recording his vocals in hell itself.  It's like he's invoking some sort of demon summoning ritual while he's singing. Even thinking about listening to this song makes the hair on my arms stand on end. 

So there you have it...or thoughts on the scary songs of all time. I'm sure there are folks out there ready to scream about Cannibal Corpse or something like feel free to go ahead and give us your lists in the comment section. there are certainly songs and artists out there that we just could not fit. Does your list include "Mr. Crowley"? Or perhaps some Wednesday 13? There's no Alice Cooper on our list and he was the reason we started this whole journey int he first place. So don;t be shy, what should we have included? What was a reach? Have fun and...enjoy Halloween!

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