Infection is Coming, Check Out the Final Trailer For 'Survivors'

If you've been a loyal supporter of the site then you are are fully aware of the ambitious British horror film Survivors. To refresh your memory, Survivors is the second feature film from writer/director Adam J. Spinks. The film stars Joanne Gale ("Red Dwarf X"), Simon Burbage (Extinction), and Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows). It is a hybrid found footage/traditionally shot film that tells the story of a deep seeded conspiracy whose consequences threaten to infect all of humanity. Survivors is slated to hit DVD and VOD on the United States, Canada and Mexico on October 20th via Continuum Motion Pictires and in the UK on October the 26th. Check out the final trailer for the film, along with the synopsis and some artwork:

"Kate Meadows (Gale) and her cameraman Duke (Burbage) embark on a mission to uncover whether or not a government weapons contractor has been secretly using humans as their test subjects. As the dig deeper, they realize the brutal reality...The test subjects have escaped and are carrying a deadly new contagion meant for use in biological war. they soon find themselves in a race for their own survival as the military lose the fight against the infected and those responsible for the outbreak stop at nothing to prevent the truth from being revealed..."

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