'The Long Island Serial Killer' Now Available on DVD

The good folks at Wild Eye Releasing are excited to bring The Long Island Serial Killer to DVD. The film, available now, depicts one of the most notorious unsolved string of murders in history. The Long Island Serial Killer dramatizes the brutal crimes of a serial killer who has been dumping the bodies of sex workers on the barren stretch of Giglo Beach for years. Director Joseph DiPietro's debut feature places a fictitious co-ed in the path of the sadistic killer, who is believed to be responsible for the death of up to seventeen sex workers, and is still at large in the New York area. Check out the synopsis, some art work, and the trailer:

"A serial killer is at large on the edges of New York City, luring prostitutes from the internet and leaving a trail of bodies along Giglo Beach in Long Island. While the friends and families of the victims search for answers, the police remain unable to solve the murders or stop him from taunting the grieving survivors. A young, down on her luck college student turns to the escort business in desperation, but she unknowingly places herself directly in the in the path of one of New York's most vicious serial killers."

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