Take a Ride on 'The Last Road'

Straight off it's award winning screening at the North East Carolina Film Festival, the independent horror film The Last Road is now available in DVD from New York based Striped Entertainment. The film stars Aaron Long and is directed by John Wheeler. Check out the synopsis, trailer and some cool looking stills:

"Set in a troubled town in the center of England, life is tough for Toby, a local fighter down on his luck. His other is an invalid; the tow hates him and a particularly nasty businessman has plans for him that will tear his life apart.

One day, after losing a crucial fight, a stranger only known as 'The Collector' arrives to to take him away and drop him in the middle of an unforgiving landscape, where he will either sink or swim. Toby realizes that he has dies and landed in cruel holding pattern between heaven and hell, where he must find his own way, or be forever stuck going in circles.

Although the journey is at times brutal and cruel, it is an ultimately rewarding story of a lost soul finding it's place in the universe."

The Last Road is currently available via Striped Entertainment for a very reasonable price at Amazon.

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