Syracuse International Film Festival Announces and EVILning With Joe Lynch

We've brought you a lot of news regarding some really cool events coming to the historic Palace Theater in Syracuse, New York. Today it's our pleasure to highlight one particular night of the upcoming Syracuse International Film Festival. If you are a regular listener to "The Movie Crypt Podcast" (and I suggest that if you a a regular at The DW, then you should be listening) which features Joe Lynch and Adam Green, then you are most certainly aware of the upcoming event highlighting some of Lynch's favorite works. If not...please continue to keep reading.

Starting 9pm on October the 16th at the Place Theater, 2384 James Place in Syracuse, the Syracuse International Film Festival will present and EVILning with Joe Lynch. Silly title aside, it looks like an awesome slate of films, featuring a couple things Lynch has directed and the film that made Lynch want to become a film maker. Check out the specifics:

An EVILning W/ Joe Lynch

9pm - Intro

9:15pm ish - Everly
11:15pm - Joe Lynch (Zom-B-Movie) Joe's Chillerama segment.
Midnight - a 35mm screening of THE BLOB (1988 version).
Tickets are $18 at the door/ Films are Rated R/ Alcohol for those 21 +

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