'Nightmare Code' Premieres on VOD September 29th

The first film told from the point of view of artificial intelligence, the Philip K. Dick award winning Nightmare Code will be available on VOD September 29th and DVD October 27th from Indie Rights. Written and Directed by Mark Netter and starring Andrew J. West ("The Walking Dead"), Nightmare Code promises to put the scare back in sci-fi. Check out the synopsis, stills and the trailer:

"Brett Desmond, a genius programmer with a troubled past is called in to finish top secret behavior recognition program, ROPER, after the previous lead developer went insane. But the deeper Brett delves into the code, the more his own behavior begins changing...in increasingly terrifying ways.

Suspense build with surveillance, PC, and glasseye cameras - often with four images on screen at once...as if ROPER itself is telling the story."

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