Get 'Deadly Virtues' in the UK on September 27th

Matchbox Films and Jinga Films announced recently they are partnering to release the latest film from Drop Dead Fred and Highway to Hell director Ate De Jongs latest film, Deadly Virtues. The psycho sexual thriller will hit the streets of the United Kingdom on September the 27th. Check out the trailer and the films synopsis:

"Edward Akrout (Sword of Vengeance) stars as a sadistic home invader who exploits the fragile relationship of a suburban, middle class couple, Megan Maczko (The Ninth Cloud) and Matt Barber ("Downton Abbey"). His torture of the husband and his seduction of the wife reveals and uncomfortable truth about their marriage and acts as a catalyst for change."

Deadly Virtues Love Honour Obey - Trailer from Jinga Films on Vimeo.

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