Check out the Debut Trailer For 'Lab Rats'

One of the cool things about running this site is you get to see cool projects develop from their embryonic stages to eventual fruition. One of the projects we've been following and updating you, the loyal reader, on since it's Kickstarter campaign started is the gooey, practical effects laden film Lab Rats. We are happy to pass along the exciting news that not only did Lab Rats meet it's Kickstarter funding goal, but it actually exceeded it - meaning the film makers can bring even more oozy goodness! That's not the only good news though. Below you will find the debut trailer for the film, along with the synopsis. Check it out:

"Lab Rats follows Kat and her eco-warrior friends as they embark on a mission to expose bio-chemistry company Ring-Amnion as liars, following a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab. Despite their public profile claiming otherwise; it soon becomes clear that Ring-Amnion are willing to test on more than just animals." Stay tuned for more on Lab Rats. As soon as we hear more, you'll hear more.

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