'Ballet of Blood' To Open RIP Horror International Film Fest

Jared Masters' latest film, Ballet of Blood, is set to make its official debut kicking off the vaunted RIP Horror International Film Fest on October the 29th. RIP specializes in highlighting independent film makers and their unique visions. This ears festival will feature a unique aspect of the program called the "Baby Doll award" which will "celebrate the empowerment of women working in the business for the advancement of the horror genre." Check out some notes from the press release, the synopsis of the film, and the films Argento-esque trailer:

"After a ballet school's prima ballerina (Mindy Robinson) gets shot at by beautifully psychotic fellow dancer, Nisa (Sydney Raye), the whole company's on edge. Classes continue, shrouded in fear, while Nisa remains at large. Her ditsy ballerina friend, Ria (Jessica Knopf), is being held in solitary confinement for suspicion of being involved. But Ria breaks out of the asylum, and after getting willingly drugged by Nisa, Ria is coerced into assisting her on a new mission, the ultimate assault (with a samurai sword and UZI machine gun from her father's secret room). All those who contributed to the many years of emotional and physical abuse and body shaming will be in harm's way. Meanwhile, a nerdy ballerina, Maren (Marla Martinez) starts writing a novel based on the events that transpired, deeply offending some for turning such sensitive material into a book, for young audiences. Soon, her and her sister, Saren (Rubi Garcia), realize every word being typed on Maren's typewriter is somehow altering real life. Will this strange and psychedelic parallel fantasy carry the sisters, along with anyone else, to a merciless blood-splattered doom?"

"The film stars Sydney Raye and Jessica Knopf, with Laura Amelia as the dance teacher, Delphine, and Julia Faye West as company co-owner. The film also features Mindy Robinson as the prima ballerina, with Walter Hochbrueckner, Vera R. Taylor, Rubi Garcia, Marla Martinez, Jacqueline Marie Alberto, Dawna Lee Heising, Dallas Chandler, Krystall Schott, Georgie Borchardt, Sky Patterson, Christopher Arias, Kimberly Cohen, Marylyn Brooks, Geo Sargent, Bob Evans and Garrett Morosky."

Tickets are available now at TicketTailor.com. You can purchase tickets for the entire festival, which will also see the premiere of friend of the site, Jessica Camerons Mania, or the premiere of Ballet of Blood. So if you are in the greater Hollywood area, make sure you pick up some tickets, stop by and support independent horror.

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