Check Out the Trailer for the Horror Short 'The Prey'

We don't do too much around these part with short films, but every once in a while if some one asks really, really nicely and their project catches our fancy we will pass it onto you, the loyal reader. Such is the case with today's short, or rather the trailer for today's short if we are being completely honest. But hell, the trailer looks pretty cool. Enough justifications, check out the trailer for 'The Prey':

The Prey Trailer from The Springhead Film Company on Vimeo.

"After an argument with her boyfriend whilst driving back from a party, (the) protagonist Mel ends up alone on the wrong side of town on a dark Halloween night. Determined to walk home alone she draws the attention of a shifty looking young man. As he begins to follow her the night takes a turn for the worse." 'The Prey' stars Rebecca Van Cleeve, Sam Gittens, and James Alexandrou. The short film is written and directed by James Webber.

'The Prey' will be making the usual festival rounds throughout the end of the year before premiering on the burgeoning online short platform Findie. You can find more on 'The Prey' at and

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