Things Get Bloody in Three New Clips for 'American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire'

American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire, the latest film so nice they named it twice, dropped some pretty awesome clips in celebration of one of it's stars, Dayo Okeniyi's latest cinematic endeavor - Terminator: Genisys (the search for proper spelling). While I wasn't in love with the film as a whole, there were parts of it that were fucking brilliant. If you are in the mood for some bat shit crazy gore with an equally bat shit crazy, Deliverance inspired plot, then you might really dig the film. Check out the full DreadWorld review HERE. After you read that, journey on back here to check out the clips embedded below:

American Backwoods:Slew Hampshire is available on all the usual VOD sites (Amazon, know the deal) and on DVD through Amazon - which you can pick up HERE. The DVD features a gag reel and audio commentary. So pick it up and support independent horror.

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