The Ded Sullivan Show Extended through August!

Great news for those of you who weren't able to check out "The Ded Sullivan Show" during it's limited engagement earlier this summer. The variety show, after it's initial hit run, has been extend through the end of August at Times Scare! Check out what you can expect and a couple new production photos:
  • The Lobotomy Puppeteer: Like 50 shades of Grey, but with the subject having no will of his own - but they use a bone saw.
  • The Alien Surfer Babes:  They came to conquer. One pop hit at a time.
  • The Skin Burlesque: Ever wish there was more to take off? There is but it takes commitment.
  • Savage Hot Babe Massacre: The return of End Times' horror-comedy horror favorite. There will be babes. They will be massacred. There will be blood. Rain ponchos will be provided.
  • Samara Sings: The creepy girl from The Ring breaks out her ukulele, and wins your heart.
  • Zombie Jamboree: A full ensemble interpretation of the Harry Belefonte classic. With real, live (relatively speaking) zombies.

Tickets for "The Ded Sullivan Show" are available for just $25 at or by calling 212-352-3101. 

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