Director Peter Herro Talks 'WTF!'

Director Peter Herro and the good folks at Cthulhu Crush Entertainment have recently wrapped filming on their latest horror opus WTF!. With the end of principal photography they director sat down to give his thoughts on the film and the process entailed in making it. Check it out:

"It took me a very long time to put together the cast and crew. I spent three months in auditions making sure the actors fit the parts, were up to the challenge, and had the same passion as I did. Equally as important was interviewing crew members to get the right people for the jobs. I am so happy and thrilled for the team I have working on this project. Everyone put in 100% and gave it their all.

It was a very intense 12 day run. Some days we managed to shoot a dozen pages! It definitely is a huge creative test to pull together so much detail in such a short amount of time. With locations all over LA and very long days days it became something that could only be done out of passion. I am thrilled to have put together an entire movie in a 12 day span. This would not be possible without the amazing cast and crew that put there blood and sweat into the project. (no pun intended).

The most challenging obstacle for this shoot were the emotional states the actors had to be in. It goes from a very fun Mean Girls charade into a very serious Scream survival flick. This was challenging for everyone. They would go from having fun and throwing out one-liners to a more serious physiological thriller state of mind. In the end all of the actors pulled off amazing performances and really brought the movie to life!"

WTF! stars Callie Ott, Sarah Agor, Andrea Hunt, and Ben Norris among others. The fil is set to be released soemtime in 2016. DreadWorld will keep you posted. You can check out the synopsis and get more information about the film in this earlier DreadWorld post.

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