Arrow Films Brings 'The Mutilator' to Blu-Ray

Other than maybe the folks at Scream Factory, Arrow Video may have the most impressive library of underground horror classics. From Bava's Blood and Black Lace, to Brian Yuzna's Society, Arrow consistently releases tremendous versions of some of the best that the genre has to offer. The latest film to join their roster is The Mutilator. Written and directed by Buddy Cooper, this late entry into the slasher genre is notorious for it's copious amounts of gore and gruesome kill scenes. But don't take our word for the press release:

"Although the slasher film was in decline by the mid-1980s, there were still some grisly delights to be had... and they don't come much grislier than writer-director Buddy Cooper's sickening stalk-and-slash classic The Mutilator! When Ed receives a message from his father asking him to go and lock up the family's beach condo for the winter, it seems like the perfect excuse for an alcohol-fueled few days away with his friends. After all, his dad has forgiven him for accidentally blowing mom away with a shotgun several years ago... hasn't he? But no sooner are the teens on the island than they find themselves stalked by a figure with an axe (and a hook, and an on-board motor) to grind... Originally entitled Fall Break (watch out for the incongruous theme song of the same name!), The Mutilator has earned a reputation amongst horror fans as one of the 'holy grails' of 80s splatter mayhem due to its highly inventive (and not to say, decidedly gruesome) kill sequences, courtesy of FX wizard Mark Shostrom (Videodrome, Evil Dead II). Finally making its long-awaited bow in High-Definition, The Mutilator has returned to terrorize a whole new generation of horror fans!"

Bonus Materials
- Brand new 2K restoration from original vault materials of the R-rated and Unrated versions of the film
- High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
- Original mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
- Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
- Brand new interviews with cast and crew
- Reversible sleeve featuring original artwork to be revealed
- Fully-illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film alongside archive articles from Fangoria magazine

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