Don't Miss Friday The 13th's Adrienne King in 'All American Bully'

While, it's not exactly a quote on quote horror project per-say (although certainly horrific subject matter), Wild Eye Releasing's announcement today of their latest project All American Bully, is bound to catch the eye of most season horror fans due to one of it's stars. Adrienne King, most famous for being the lone survivor of the original Friday the 13th film (and for getting a screwdriver through the temple in Part 2), makes an appearance as the principle in the new film. All American Bully will hit VOD and DVD on June the 23rd. Check out the official synopsis and the trailer:

"Three friends try to cope after one of them is victimized by a bully, and their lives are slowly torn apart as the fall deeper into a twisted web of buried secrets, ignorance, and revenge. Through it all, Principal Kane (King) rules her small town high school with an iron fist, teaching hard lessons to students and faculty alike. The vicious cycle leads to a disturbing and violent conclusion where it turns out no one is truly innocent."

The DVD release of All American Bully includes exclusives like behind the scenes interviews and trailers. All American Bully will be available on DVD and VOD June 23rd. You can pre-order it from Amazon HERE or reserve it on Redbox HERE.

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