'The House of Screaming Death' Celebrates It's IndieGoGo Launch with Trailers!

The good folks behind the Gothic indie horror anthology The House of Screaming Death have taken to IndieGoGo raise some much needed funding for the project. Like most great crowd funding attempts, there are some awesome perks for those that choose to contribute. You can check out the IndieGoGo for The House of Screaming Death HERE. But...because the producers of the film are all around kick ass guys, they've given us all a perk without having to even contribute to the film in the way of several awesome teaser trailers. Check them out:

From the press release: "On a dark and stormy night, a collector of the macabre will bring together four tales of pulse pounding terror from through the ages...and all of them associated with the strange house he presently takes up residence in.

The horror begins in the 1940s. The house with a troubled history, a dark and lonely night, and a war veteran haunted by the ghosts of his past. During the height of the WW II blitz the caretaker of a secluded country house delves into the tragic history of the property, and as his lonely vigil progresses the house comes alive with the haunting presence of the past. We see the parallels between his story and that of Lady Sarah; the legendary Lady in Grey. And as the past and present collide, the tragedy that lurks within the ancient walls draws closer with every heartbeat.

The second macabre tale takes us to the 1970s, where witchcraft has cursed the house, and those within. When Lily Proctor and her boyfriend Johnny inherit the building from her late elusive Uncle, his will makes specific mention not to try and go into rooms that are locked. What neither of them realise is that a lost, sinister enchantress lies behind those doors trying to escape through the many mirrors within the house, and even more horrifying are the dark entities that she is fleeing from on the other side; the silent and otherworldly necromancers.

The third monstrous entry takes us to 1888, and the bleak English countryside for a shocking tale of vampirism that haunts a small village close to the house. When Thomas Burlington, a young man from the city comes to stay at the familiar estate, he finds the villagers living in fear of the nearby woods and the dark figure with the claws that supposedly stalks the lands. But what are they really afraid of? And can good always overcome evil?

The final chapter tells the tale of Martine, who is investigating the strange disappearance of her brother Frederick months earlier. As her investigation leads her to the mysterious house, she is accompanied in her efforts by Sam, whose Aunt has just purchased the property to turn into a restaurant. But sudden strange goings on, a mysterious vacant looking doll and disturbing demonic imagery lead them to an ancient cult and a plan that has waited centuries to be unleashed.
But as the final tale unfolds to its horrifying conclusion, the mysterious Architect has one more scare to unleash on you all.

We have recently won BEST BRITISH FILM at the London Film Awards for our last feature, a drama entitled Checking In, which has been screened over the world to amazing response and we are planning further events for it in 2015."

Did you like what you saw? If so then there's even more great news - there's even more coming from The House of Screaming Death. Each week for the next three weeks, there will be a new trailer each week for the next three weeks, and we will have them right here on DreadWorld. Stay tuned! Meanwhile contribute to The House of Screaming Death's indiegogo campaign and follow along on the Twitter @screamin_death.

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