Support the Aussie Short 'Caravan'

Around these parts, we get quite a few requests to help out various projects crowd funding campaigns. Unfortunately, we can't cover all of them. However, when we can give a little ink to a well meaning crowd funded project, we try to do what we can - especially when said project looks really fucking cool.

With that in mind, it would behoove you to take a gander at this little project coming to us all the way from Australia. No, it's not a fourth Crocodile Dundee film. (Although that would be awesome. Crocodile Dundee in Wichita? Someone have Paul Hogan call us.) I digress...Almost as great as a new Crocodile Dundee film would be is the new horror short 'Caravan' from Nathan Lacey and Sarah Brims. Here's some info I cribbed from the crowd funding page:

"Caravan is a cautionary tale set in the 90's which follows a young family on a road-trip. As night falls the family pull in for a routine rest-stop where their caravan is invaded by a malevolent intruder. 

The idea for the short was originally inspired by Nathan’s personal experiences of family road-trips and growing up in the 90s. Through the writing process Sarah was inspired by the baby-sitter urban legend that was adapted into the feature film When a Stranger Calls. She wanted to see how a film like this could play out on the road and to see where that could lead the story and characters." 

If that sounds like something right up your alley, do everyone a favor, head on over to 'Caravan's crowd funding page (HERE) and support independent horror. There are some cool incentives and the feeling of self satisfaction you get when you help folks create art. 

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