Obsession Becomes Flesh in the New Ayla Poster

Elias and The October People's Matt Medisch, Jeremy Berg, and John Portanova (The Invoking) have given us a look at the new teaser poster for their latest film Ayla. Elias will be directing the film, starring Tristan Risk (American Mary) from his own script.

"Ayla centers on Elton (Nicholas Wilder) a man haunted by the death of his 4 year old sister, who brings her back to life 30 years later as an adult woman, with dire consequences" Production on Ayla is set to begin this coming fall in and around the greater Seattle area.

A Kickstarter campaign is planned to start on June the 9th in partnership with Back to the Movies with the campaign perks tailor-made for horror and film fans, with multiple choices being offered within a single reward level and something for every backer to take home. You can keep tabs on Ayla at aylamovie.com and on the films Facebook page.

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