Jack Thomas Smith is Ready to Go 'In The Dark'

Jack Thomas Smith, the mastermind behind the terrifying psychodrama Infliction, is looking to jump head first into his latest project, the action/horror flick In the Dark. Smith, along with his production company Fox Trail Productions have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to not only provide funding for the film but also give you, the film supporter, some pretty damn cool incentives in return for your hard earned cash.

Smith goes on regarding the campaign: "The campaign plans to raise $185,000, which will cover deposits for named stars as well as the deposit for a specific casting director, who has cast a number of major films. The start-up capital will also be used to begin Pre-Production, which includes storyboards, location scouting, legal fees, publicity, and the hiring of essential crew and effects personnel. Numerous perks are being offered based on the level of contribution, including the opportunity to be in the film as a zombie/vampire creature extra in full make-up as well as tickets to the premiere and after party.

Once the stars are attached, my company plans to raise the complete $6 million budget of the film by securing additional investment, foreign pre-sales, and the monetization of state tax credits." You can check out the IndieGoGo campaign for In The Dark HERE and follow the film on Facebook and Writer/Director Jack Thomas Smith on Twitter as well.

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