Gothic British Horror Haunts 'The House of Screaming Death'

Ahead of it's upcoming IndieGoGo campaign, the good folks behind the soon to be shooting Gothic British anthology, The House of Screaming Death have released a teaser trailer and some images from the film. You may remember that back in early February we brought you some early news on the film via producer David Hastings, you can check out that information HERE.

As a refresher (or if you are to lazy to click on the link above), The House of Screaming Death is a Gothic horror anthology. "Each segment has a specific writer/director. 'The Lady in Grey' has been written by Troy Dennison who will direct. 'The Witch in The Mirror' was written by Mark Lees and will be directed by Rebecca Harris-Smith. 'The Vampyre' was written by Dave Hastings who will also direct, while the final segment, 'The Diabolique' is the creation of celebrated FX artist Alex Bourne, also directing his story. The mysterious "Architect" segments will be directed by Kaush along with those scenes scripted by Dave (Hastings)." Check out the teaser trailer:

Producer David Hastings sheds some more light on the impending IndieGoGo campaign and the progress of the film: "the team have already been working on stuff for the past year! During the Indiegogo campaign, we will be releasing some exclusive mini prequels we’ve prepared to each of the tales you will see in the accompanying feature. They work as little mini preludes to what will come in the feature itself, sort of teasing you and hopefully getting you to want to pledge your hard earned money to see more of what happens next! You’ll get an early glimpse of the ghostly 'Lady In Grey', the otherworldly Necromancers, a look at the horrific events that happened a year before in the village being terrosied by our chilling Vampyre as well as one of the bloody rituals that has grave malevolent consequences on the characters in the final tale. We really want to show people we understand what made those past classic films work and that we have the very best intentions to honour and celebrate them in this new project we truly believe in and think audiences will enjoy!"

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