The Human Centipede Film Festival is Coming To Upstate New York

Human Centipede fans rejoice, well those of you living in the greater Syracuse, New York area anyway. The Human Centipede Film Festival is set to take place May 31st of 2015 at the Palace Theater in Syracuse. The festival will be showing all three Human Centipede films, including the upstate premiere of Human Centipede III : The Final Sequence! Check out the schedule:

Human Centipede part 1 - 6:30pm

Human Centipede part 3 - 8:15pm

Human Centipede part 2 - 9:45pm

Doors open to the festival at 6pm. Tickets are only $15 and includes all three films. You can purchase them at the Palace Theater, 2384 St. James Street in Syracuse. Only folks over 17 will be permitted entrance.

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