Phil Condits 'Happy Ending' Still Needs Your Help

A few months ago we here at the DW passed along some info regarding the latest project from esteemed indie director Phil Condit - Happy Ending. In return for some juicy looking pics and details about the project, we asked you to head over to Happy Endings' IndieGoGo page and throw some of your hard earned cashed the films way. While the campaign was a success, as they say in the business "fundraisin' ain't easy." the case of Happy Ending - it sure is fun.

Happy Ending still needs your help. You can head over to the Happy Ending store and purchase all sorts of interesting goods to further support the production of the film. T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mouse Pads - the Happy Ending store has it all! So do what you can to support a kick ass indie film a pick up some quality Happy Ending merchandise.

Directed by Condit and Co-Produced and Co-Starring Maria Olsen, Happy Endings log line teases the film as: "An alien predator escapes from a top-secret military base in the remote desert and invades a nearby bordello forcing the working girls and their Johns to fight for their lives - and humanity’s survival." I'll be damned it that doesn't sound like a hell of a good time.

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