The 'Duel' Documentary 'The Devil On Wheels' Needs Your Support

If you are anything like us here at the DW, then you have a soft spot in you heart for the Steven Spielberg classic Duel. Made for television back in 1971, Duel was the template for what Spielberg was bale to pull of a couple of years later in the all time classic Jaws. If you've ever wanted a real fans perspective on why Duel remains the cult classic it is to this day, then do we have the project for you!

The project, titled The Devil on Wheels, is currently looking for funding over at Kickstarter. I'm not going to give you all the info (we can't do everything for you), you need to head over to the projects Kickstarter Page for all the details. Dig deep into those dirty little pockets of yours and throw some money at a worth while project made by Duel fans for any Duel fan or for fans of really awesome stuff.

Once again you can contribute to the funding of Hell on Wheels HERE. Follow along with the project at and on the Twitter @TDoWMovie. Check out the teaser trailer for the project...if this doesn't convince you to donate - then you are dead inside:

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