Help Out the Body Horror Short 'Lab Rats' on Kickstarter

As you, the loyal reader, may be aware, we don't post too many things about the (what seems like) millions of horror Kickstarter projects. But every once in a while, something tickles our fancy just right and we feel compelled to share it with the world. More likely than not, that impenitence has to so with one of my favorite horror sub-genres : Body Horror. 'Lab Rats', from across the pond (as they say) in jolly old England (also something they apparently say) looks to be right up our alley. Check out the synopsis:

"Lab Rats follows Kat and her eco-warrior friends who embark on a mission to expose the international bio-chemistry company, Ring-Amnion, as liars after a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab - despite their public profile claiming otherwise.

The gang, and Kat's 20,000 online followers, are eager to find out what Ring-Amnion have been hiding as they break into an old building, but they aren't prepared for what they find inside...It soon becomes apparent that Ring Amnion do indeed test on the living and not just animals." That's where things start to get tricky...

The 'Lab Rats' crew needs some help, and I am confident that you loyal readers are just the sort of people to provide it. Terrible effects are par for the course in independent film, even worse are cg effects. So when some good folks come along looking to provide great looking PRACTICAL effects, that's where you need to step in. Don't believe me? Check out the groups previous short horror film 'Shooter' - you won't be disappointed:

Head on over to the 'Lab Rats' Kickstarter page and help out a great looking, well meaning project. You can learn more by reading the Kickstarter page (of course) or on the 'Lab Rats' Facebook, Twitter, or at

The 'Lab Rats' Team

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