Behind the Scenes Footage and Character Posters For Penny Dreadful Season 2

Lots of crazy shit went down over the course of the inaugural season of Showtimes 'Penny Dreadful. Vanessa (Eva Green) became possessed by demons, Sir Malcolms (Timothy Dalton) daughter gave herself to vampires, Ethan (Josh Harnett) turned into a werewolf, and Reeve Carney fucked everyone. You can read all about everything that happened starting HERE. Now you can take a look at what's coming in Season Two. Showtime released a little behind the scenes featurette that showcases some of the cast talking about there this season is headed and about the special promotional photo shoot (more on that in a bit) for the new season.

Hartnett, Green, Dalton and Co are joined by guest star Patti Lupone, as a mysterious character from Vanessa's past. She will be joined by a returning Helen McRory, Simon Russell Peele, and additional guest stars Sarah Green, Douglas Hodge, and Johnny Beauchamp. Check it out the behind the scenes video courtesy of the Showtime "First Takes" series:

As I mentioned above, a lot of the promo video deals with the photo shoot for this years character posters. Now you can check out some of the posters in advance of the premier of season two on May 3rd at 10pm. Take a look:

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