The Ladies of 'Other Halves' Talk Women In Horror Month

Normally, we we don't go about posting interviews folks do with people other than us, but there are a couple of other things at work here. First we are feeling really lazy, but more importantly, there is some really good stuff in this interview. Plus, the film, Other Halves, which deals with one of those all too popular dating apps gone horribly, horribly wrong, looks pretty damn cool. So without further adieu, here' is a pretty cool sit down with the lovely ladies from Other Halves:

Whom is your favorite "woman in horror" and why?

Mercedes Manning: I have two favorite women in horror: Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller in The Ring and Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien. I love their bravery, vulnerability, intelligence, and ruthlessness in the face of terror.

Megan Hui:  My favorite woman in horror is Jamie Lee Curtis.  I thought she was AWESOME in Halloween.

Lianna Liew: Laura Harris as Marybeth in The Faculty. The Faculty is one of my favorite horror films and Laura Harris does such a marvelous job in her role as the villain and demonstrates a wonderful shift from innocent to evil.

What was different for you acting in Other Halves, a horror film, versus other roles you've performed?

Mercedes Manning:  Nothing prepares you for the cleanup process. I was cleaning blood out from under my nails for days.

Melanie Friedrich:  I don't think there's much of a difference in terms of preparation. No matter which project or genre, you have to build a unique character every time. I enjoy working on horror films because the special effects are always super fun to do!

Megan Hui: For me, acting in Other Halves was different than other roles I've done, because we were doing 12 hour night shoots almost the entire time. But I guess that’s horror movies for you! That was an incredible challenge for me but also a huge learning experience.

Lianna Liew: Nothing's terribly different with the way I approached and prepared the character. It was certainly messier than other roles I've played, dealing with blood. Having to get bloody and then get clean again, and having 2 costumes, one clean and one bloodied.

Why do you think women in horror specifically deserve to be recognized?

Mercedes Manning: I think audiences are tired of the hot-and-helpless-victim trope. Women are just as powerful, complex and terrifying as men; it’s exciting to see them being portrayed on television shows like "American Horror Story" and movies like "Gone Girl" as individuals capable of gruesome, manipulative, self serving deeds with emotional and intellectual nuance. They aren’t monsters. They’re people.

Melanie Friedrich:  I believe that women of any genre deserve lots of recognition. There are many more female actors out there but a lot more male parts. So every female lead deserves recognition and appreciation. In horror films specifically, it's always nice to see a woman being the evil center, such as in Other Halves.

Megan Hui:  We're the ones who have to do all the screaming ha ha!

Lianna Liew: I think sometimes in horror movies, an actor's hard work is in danger of going unrecognized after all the tricky lighting and clever editing. Playing Elle, I've found that she has a lot of subtleties; in fact all the characters in Other Halves are quite complex. Recognition should be given to the true commitment and hard work of any actor, man or woman, who gives life and detail to a horror character.

What is unique about the female characters in Other Halves?

Mercedes Manning: The women of Other Halves further exemplify bucking the trend. They’re smart, funny, compassionate, and also selfish, calculating, and cruel. They are their own agents, rather than passive victims, who actively participate in the horror at hand.

Melanie Friedrich: They're so three dimensional and relate-able. None are pure good or evil which makes them really human. We've all got good and bad sides and sometimes make terrible decisions - it's part of life. The whole script tells a story of what one step in the wrong direction can do through these female characters.

Megan Hui: I think the female cast of Other Halves is unique because we are from all over the world (Germany, U.K., America, and Canada).  There are so many different accents in this film!

Thanks to the good folks over at Other Halves for providing us with this pretty cool interview. You can check out the films website at for more info and on Facebook and Twitter Check out DreadWorlds other posts regarding the film HERE, HERE, and HERE

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