'Crazy Murder' Premieres For Free Online Friday the 13th!

Who doesn't love free things? Around the DreadWorld offices "free" is possibly the greatest word ever created. So color us interested and excited when we get to talk about something being free, especially if it a film that sounds as controversial and audacious as the film Crazy Murder and its a film from out good friends over at Brain Damage. Check out the details after you check out the films poster:

"This Friday, February 13th, Brain Damage Films in collaboration with r/fullmoviesonyoutube will host an online, world-wide, live free streaming of the new intensely disturbing film Crazy Murder in their movie chat room, as part of the occasional Extreme/Gore/NC-17 Night.  The showing will be accompanied by a live chat attended by Brain Damage Films staff and the film's directors, Doug Gerber & Caleb Pennypacker." The film premieres at 9pm on, appropriately enough, Friday the 13th.

Check out the synopsis for Crazy Murder: "A homeless man (Kevin Kenny) begins a killing spree on the streets of New York City. Completely deranged and barely aware of his own identity, he makes little attempt at concealing his actions. But in a city with 50,000 homeless citizens our killer finds himself effortlessly camouflaged."

"You've never seen anything quite like Crazy Murder.  The film follows a severely mentally ill homeless man over the course of a year in the streets of New York City as he commits a string of senseless murders and disgusting acts. With very little dialog and subtle background music, as Crazy Murder unfolds the viewer is subjected to disgusting nails-on-chalkboard visuals and senseless acts -- Yet you can't stop watching.  This haunting portrait of a man living beyond humanity's fringes will stay with you forever.

Method actor Kevin Kenny seamlessly plays the challenging role of the nameless main character, and there are cameos sprinkled throughout including UFC Heavyweight star Mark Hunt and James Quall of "Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job" fame."

For more information of the FREE online screening of Crazy Murder check out the information on the Reddit Page HERE. For more information on Crazy Murder head over the films Facebook page and the Brain Damage Films page. 

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