Order 'Pain is Beautiful' today on DVD!

Director and Co-Writer Chris Staviski is released his independent horror feature Pain is Beautiful on VOD through the films official website on DVD. The film tackles the difficult subject of CIPA, the very real disorder in which the affected person cannot feel any pain at all. Brought to you by Chinook Productions with support form the good folks at Mysterious Ways and Forest Films, you can order Pain is Beautiful HERE right now.

Check out the synopsis: "William has a rare inherited disorder called CIPA, which stands for congenital insensitivity to pain. Only 300 to 400 individuals in the world have this disorder. William cannot feel pain or pleasure, hot or cold, or any physical sensations. William, a loner, falls in love with Mia and experiences emotions he thought he could never experience. This drives him to understand pain and physical sensations to help him become closer to Mia by kidnapping unsuspecting victims and putting them through “therapies” to help him understand if pain is beautiful."...and the trailer:

Pain Is Beautiful stars Staviski, Ivet Corvea (Bloody, Bloody, Bible Camp), Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs), and Elissa Dowling (Starry Eyes, Cheap Thrills), and a host of others. You can follow the film at the Pain is Beautiful Official Site and on Facebook.

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