'Escaping the Dead' Releases A New Trailer!

The roll out of awesome looking trailers continues this weekend. After a look at the new Adam Green film Digging Up The Marrow and Adam J. Spinks dinosaur horror film Extinction, we have a look at the second trailer from the Danish zombie apocalypse thriller Escaping the Dead! The trailer  not only offers a look at the film, but also features a cameo from "Mister Troma" Lloyd Kaufman. Take a look:

From the synopsis: "Escaping the Dead is inspired by a series of articles about the deathdrug "Krokodil" that was published about the same period of time when Ronald Poppo had his face eaten by a naked man hooked on bathsalt in Miami. It is the perfect zombie plot: a deathdrug that turns people into zombies."

The film has its starting point in a typical day for the lead character, David. David is the local marijuana pusher, but he is the kind of dealer that smokes more than he sells. In the meantime the country has been hit by a new death drug and when David and his partner in crime Ahmir is offered some exceptionally cheap cocaine they see it as an opportunity to earn big money at the big techno concert the following Friday.  However, the cocaine turns out to have a terrible side effect that creates a giant zombie outbreak that spreads across the entire Copenhagen.

Directed by Martin Sonntag and Bastian Brinch Pedersen, the film stars Bastian Brinch Pedersen (who is also the co-director and producer of the film) as David, Rama Øzel as Ahmir, along with Dorte Rømer (Breaking the Waves) and Kim Sønderholm (Cannibal Fog, Run, House of Many Sorrows) playing Lars the policeman. Recently Lone Fleming, legendary horror actress from the Blind Dead series and Danish origin joined the cast to play Davids mother. 

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