DreadWorld top 8 Horror films of 2014

It's that time of year, where every website in the world seems to put out some sort of top 10 list regarding something or other. Here at the DW we are nothing if we are not followers. But since a top 10 seems like an awful lot of work to do, we are stopping at 8, because, well, 8 is a nice round number...and Gary Carter wore number 8 (good thing Keith Hernandez wasn't my favorite Met - a top 17 would be ridiculous). Before we get started, I'd like to throw out a quick caveat : although I think we certainly saw more films this year than any other, there are a couple we missed that may have wound up on this list had we seen them (there are only so many hours in the day folks). Namely, we missed: Under the Skin, Starry Eyes, and The Guest. Those three films are pretty consistent on folks top whatever lists. We will see them (and review them) eventually. But now what you really came here for...the DreadWorld Top 8 Horror Films of 2014:

 #8: Billy Club

This film really came out of nowhere for me. It's a wonderful mix of funny and horrific. While some of the early dialogue was clunky and the twist could be seen by Stevie Wonder in the dark, the film does a great job of capturing the mid-80's throwback aesthetic. Read the fill DreadWorld review HERE.

#7: The Sacrament

Here is a film I've really come around on. I love Ti west, but was extremely disappointed the first time I saw this film. I felt it aped way too much of the actual Jonestown Massacre story to the detriment of anything original in the film. I've recently watched the film with a couple of folks who are not as familiar with the true story of Jonestown and their reactions to the film changed my perspective dramatically. The Sacrament is a "found footage documentary" but don't let that dissuade you. It's extremely well done and well acted. If you are unfamiliar with the obvious source material, this film is something special. Read the original DreadWorld Review HERE.

#6. Oculus

After generating a decent amount of festival buzz in 2013, Oculus kind of came and went in a ho hum fashion in theaters this past April. It slipped my mind (and most everyone else) until it appeared on NetFlix Instant in October. Even then i took some prodding for folks to check out the film "about a haunted mirror starring Amy Pond from Doctor Who." But when they did, most people, Including myself, saw what they had missed out on those months ago in the theaters. Oculus is tight, scary, and extremely well crafted. There is a reason why it's popping up on a lot of these types of lists - because it deserves it. Check out the original DreadWorld review HERE.

#5: Crawl Or Die

Dubbed "the most claustrophobic film ever made" Crawl or Die (FKA Crawl, Bitch, Crawl) not only lived up the hyperbole - it exceeded it. Led by a tour de force performance from star Nicole Alonso, Crawl or Die is 1 part Alien, 1 part The Decent and 100% bad ass. What the film lacks script wise (there are certainly a couple cringe worthy moments) it more than makes up for in shear balls. You can check out the original DreadWorld Review HERE.

#4: Revelation Trail

Zombies, Walkers, Infected, it really doesn't matter what you want to call them, the undead are the hottest thing in horror right now. While there are some pretty good films and properties sucking at that proverbial teet, most independent zombie horror sucks. It's hard to pull off a realistic zombie invasion on a shoe string budget. What a film like Revelation Trail does that so many independent zombie films fail at is make it's human characters compelling. You feel something for them - when they live, or they die. Revelation Trail is a horror/drama that happens to be set in the wild west against a zombie apocalypse. Truthfully, the characters would work anywhere in any setting. You can check out the full DreadWorld review of Revelation Trail HERE.

#3: Snowpiercer

If you think the best film Chris Evans was in this year had Captain America in the title you are wrong - dead wrong. Not a traditional horror film, the film leads more to an action bend, but still enough horrific elements for it to make this list. Frankly, it's just that type of film that defies genres a bit and can take up a slot on almost any end of the year list. Tremendous performances by Evans, Ed Harris, and the War Doctor himself, John Hurt, carry Joon-Ho Bongs train based analogy for class warfare to the front of the pack for 2014. While I would have hoped for more of a Twilight Zone ending, Snowpiercer has very few chinks in it's armor. Check out the full DW Review HERE.

#2: Taking Of Deborah Logan

I mentioned above how Billy Club is a film that came out of nowhere and surprised me with how good it was. Well, the queen of coming out of nowhere this year is Adam Robitels The Taking of Deborah Logan. This was a random Netflix Instant watch, and wow was I blown away. Driven by the unbelievable performance of Jill Larson as the title character, ...Deborah Logan (yes, the title is still too long) was for me the surprise of the horror film year. No spoilers here, simply dial it up the Netflix, sit back and be dazzled. You can check out the full DreadWorld review of the film HERE.

#1: The Babadook

Well, if there is a film on the list that really didn't need an introduction, it's The Babadook. And while yes, the hyperbole surrounding it is a bit much - its certainly not, as William Friedkin called it "The scariest movie ever made" it is the scariest move of the year. Australian director Jennifer Kent is able to craft the creepiest nursery rhyme since the original Nightmare on Elm Street, then interweave that with the difficult child rearing process seamlessly. She gets outstanding performances from lead Essie Davis and young Noah Wiseman as her son. Noncommittal ending aside, The Babadook is not just the best horror film of the year, it's one of the best films of the year period. Babadook...dook...dook. You can read the complete DreadWorld review HERE.

That's if for the DreadWorld best of 2014. Remember any of these lists are subjective, opinions can change any time and as they ay are like assholes - everybody has one. So what's yours? Leave a comment below. As always...thanks for reading and "enjoy every sandwich."


  1. The Babadook shouldn't be number one if you have that many negative things to say about it. Stick to your guns!

  2. Very few films are "perfect." I was not a fan of the last 5 minutes or so of The Babadook, but pound for pound I think it was the best horror film (that I saw) of the year. I think the hyperbole is a bit over the top, but that's not a problem with the film, that's a problem with the media hype machine. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading!

  3. #3 Crawl or die, are u kidding me?

    1. Opinions are like....? What is yours? What films did you enjoy? I'm one dude who wrote an article. I enjoyed Crawl or Die. What did you enjoy? Thanks for reading!