'In the House of Flies' hits DVD January 20th!

How's this for an intriguing synopsis: Two young lovers, abducted and held in a desolate basement by an unknown kidnapper. While being held it becomes clear that they are merely pawns in a much bigger, much more sinister game. It's up the the two lovers to rely on every inch left of their fraying sanity to escape the kidnappers and save their own lives...and oh yeah one of the kidnappers is voiced by Henry f'n Rollins (Wrong Turn 2)!

Directed by Gabriel Carrer and written by Angus McLellan, In the House of Flies is finally set to hit DVD this coming January. The film, which stars the a fore mentioned Rollins as "The Voice," also features Lindsay Smith and Ryan Kotack as the doomed couple. Already a hit on iTunes and various other VOD platforms, the DVD will provide some really cook extras for those willing to shell out the extra cash including:
- 45 minute Behind The Scenes Documentary-
- Spanish Premiere Archival Footage-
- Deleted Scenes-
- Trailers-
- Director & Writers Commentary-

 Take a look at the legendary Henry Rollins recording some of his vocals:

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