Devils in Disguise IndieGoGo Campaign Is Now Live!

The independent psychological thriller Devils in Disguise has been filmed and is looking for your help. See, filming is just part of the battle. Many of a films costs are incurred after the last frame has been shot. Post-production can equal at least half of a films budget, and considering the budget for Devils in Disguise was a whopping 4500 dollars, it's not a huge leap to think that this film is in the same boat. 

Written/Directed and starring by Guillaume Campannaci, Devils in Disguise is a film inspired by staple films from the past. It's a film built around a "classic love triangle, with a twist" in a California urban setting. Check out the trailer:

 "The story that centers around two flatmates, Leila (Magen Mattox) and Sandy (Montanna Gillis), who conspire to take revenge on Leila's sadistic boyfriend (Guillaume Campanacci), is underlined with violence and told through strong, non-linear structure, with poetic and sensual imagery. In essence, it's a meditation on friendship, love, trust, and murder, presented to us as a perfect blend of reality and dream-like fantasy sequences."
 Devils in Disguise launched their IndieGoGo campaign on November the 17th. Head over to the films IndieGoGo campaign, and throw some hard earned cash at a good cause. Stay tuned to DreadWorld for updates.


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