'What's Kind About the Dark' Takes to Indiegogo for Funding!

We get a lot of folks hitting us up to write something about their various crowd funding or crowd sourcing. We try to do what we can and help folks out, usually with a retweet or a brief Facebook mention (Hey! Follow us on witter and Facebook - look to the left!). So you know when we take the time (we are a bit lazy) to write a proper post about someones crowd funding efforts, that project must be something special. Let's take a brief look at Colin Bryan's What's Kind About the Dark, brief so you can head over to Indiegogo and give them your money. Let's start with the trailer:

...and continue with the synopsis..."Miriam lives alone in the woods working as a homicide investigator. One night a stranger invades her home offering to help her on an important cold case. As the investigation unfolds, Miriam realizes that darkness is his true motive. Can she solve the murder before the dawn, and at what cost?"

Writer/Director Colin Bryan started working on the script for, What's Kind About the Dark, in 2012, and is now seeing all of his work come to fruition, completing the trailer for crowd-funding. The film was shot in entirely in Austin, TX, as well as all the post-production. With the trailer finished, it's time to start principle photography. So show What's Kind About the Dark some commerce based love:

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